Research – University of Illinois – Health Communication (HCOM) Online Master of Science


In HCOM, we teach our students to be the difference in health care.

We also feel a responsibility for making sure we are the difference in health communication. We strive to create a program with a strong sense of community, and we broaden that community when we invite scholars from all over the world to join in our conversations and open our eyes to the most cutting-edge research in health communication.

All of our outreach programs are open to the public, free to participate and 100% online and asynchronous:

Each year, we invite a prominent scholar in health communication to discuss a “hot topic” in health communication. Recently, Professor Tim Coombs joined us to talk about crisis communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Honoring our beloved founder of the HCOM program, our former department head and a revolutionary leader in health communication research, each year we invite an award winning health communication scholar to share his or her most innovative research with us.  The 2019 inaugural Dale Brashers Memorial Lecture was given by Dr. Susan Morgan, entitled: How Health Communicators Can Help Find Breakthroughs for Cancer: Using Interactive Media and Communication Best Practices to Increase Informed Consent to Clinical Trials.

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