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we make an online learning experience personal

Online education is often considered impersonal, but the Health Communication Online Master’s program puts the student experience at our highest priority. Students receive one-on-one guidance and mentoring from all professors throughout the program, participate in continuous discussion with other HCOM students, and build a relationship with an academic advisor who is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide support. 

Email or call Dr. Lauren Weiner (; 224-484-0425) and find out what makes HCOM a unique health communication master’s program tailored to each individual student’s needs.

“I absolutely love talking with prospective students. I always enjoy hearing their stories and learning about how they found HCOM. Their backgrounds are so diverse and interesting; their passion for learning and enthusiasm for their work is completely inspiring. Most of the time there’s an instant connection that tells me they’re going to feel right at home here.”

Dr. Lauren Weiner

advance your career

Healthcare professionals can earn as much as $25,000 more in annual salary with a master’s degree than a bachelor’s degree.

(Carnevale, Cheah & Hanson, 2015)

— Where can you use your degree? —

Health communication is relevant in all areas of healthcare, from marketing and public health to management and administration, to patient care and clinical research. In addition to clinics and hospitals all over the country, our students and alums are employed at major healthcare organizations worldwide. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2016-2026 health care jobs are expected to grow an average of 18%, creating about 2.4 million new jobs:

Dieticians/Nutritionists: 15% increase in jobs through 2026,Medical Assistants: 29% increase in jobs through 2026,Nurse Practitioners: 31% increase in jobs through 2026,Physician Assistants: 37% increase in jobs through 2026,Public Relations Specialists: 9% increase in jobs through 2026,Technical Writers: 11% increase in jobs through 2026,Health Educators & Community Workers: 16% increase in jobs through 2026,Medical and Health Services Managers: 20% increase in jobs through 2026,Social and Community Service Managers: 18% increase in jobs through 2026,Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Managers: 10% increase in jobs through 2026,Medical Scientists: 13% increase in jobs through 2026,Physical Therapists: 30% increase in jobs through 2026

What makes HCOM different?

There can be an overwhelming number of choices when you’re looking to advance your education in healthcare.

Masters in Public Health. Masters in Health Administration. Masters in Health Information Management. MBA in Healthcare Management.


How can you tell if a Masters in Health Communication is the right fit for you? Key qualities of HCOM make us unique:

  • Small cohorts facilitate meaningful classroom discussions
  • Quality one-on-one weekly interactions between faculty and students
  • The same award-winning, tenured faculty who teach in our on-site graduate programs teach in our online program. Students receive the quality of a top-10 nationally ranked University of Illinois education with the convenience of online and asynchronous learning
  • HCOM is designed to complement a full-time career. No need to sacrifice professional or personal lives to achieve your degree
  • HCOM coursework can applied to hundreds of careers in healthcare. Flexible assignments allow students to study topics that are relevant to their own lives and professional goals.
  • 24/7 advising is a hallmark of HCOM. Dr. Lauren Weiner is on call days, nights and weekends to answer questions and provide guidance to all HCOM students.

— Certificate in Health Communication (CHC) —

For professionals who may already have an advanced degree but would like to gain specialized expertise in health communication, the 12-credit CHC is an ideal option. Learn more about our certificate.

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